"The Horse Reflects the Rider" this is probably one of Elaine Ward's most profound quotes ever! Many riders do not realize their own physical limitations and lack of knowledge to how their seat functions on the horse. A stiff rider whether it be slight or severe can affect the horse in a way which many riders turn to veterinary, saddle fitting, massage and chiropractic care, when the origin to many problems lay within the seat of the rider. "A stiff rider produces a stiff horse", again one of Elaine's quotes from her 40 years of dressage knowledge which has been applied to most equestrian disciplines. 
Introducing for the first time a collaboration of 2 renowned Equine professionals; Dr. Barbara Sloat, Chiropractor of 38 years from Ancaster Ontario, and Elaine Ward who has been a professional Dressage coach, trainer and clinician. Together Barbara and Elaine have developed a unique learning environment that is simply called "Seat School". 
Learn how and the why's of seat movement in the saddle, and receive a comprehensive assessment of your seat and how to successfully apply this to your horse. This format has never been seen before! Be one of the first to learn from 78 years of combined experience! 
Commencing in January of 2019 with a school type environment (group format) with classroom topics and individual time on "Simmi" the Equine simulator. Perfect for those cold winter days when it's just too chilly to spend time in the saddle. The group atmosphere creates an element of fun and learning. Each class will be 2 hours in duration. Private Sessions will also be available. All disciplines are welcome! 
Classes to be held at Kirkridge Farm in Lynden Ontario.  Please note we are a scent free facility.  Please do NOT wear perfume or heavily scented products. Refreshments included. 

"...Hellishly Brilliant! "Jan V


March 16 (Full)
March 23 (1 space open)
March 30 (4 spaces open)
All dates 2-4:30pm.
Cost: $50 per person maximum 8 people per class.
​Please bring suitable riding footwear. 

Seminars are at least 2 1/2 hours in Duration. 
1. Introduction
2. Video Presentation
3. Rider Assessments and Exercises
4. On-Simulator Rider Assessments and Corrections. 
5. Question and Answer Period

Elaine Ward, is a dressage veteran with over 40 years experience in teaching riders. Elaine specializes in biomechanics and classical dressage principles promoting seat use and lightness. Her depth of education enables her to work with many breeds and disciplines.

Dr. Barbara Sloat is an equine enthusiast who specializes in Chiropractic work on both humans and animals. Dr Sloat also holds a degree in Physical Education (with Biomechanics).
Barbara is also a rider with recent success with her horse PD in Western Dressage placing 9th Nationally in her division. 

Please remit payment for Seat School below send us a message with which dates you would like to attend. ---->>>  


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